This 99-year-old swimmer just casually broke a freestyle world record

Congratulations to George Corones (QTT) who broke the 50m Freestyle World Record – history in the making! An amazing effort from an amazing man.

The 99-year-old clocked in with a time of 56.12 seconds, and was the only competitor in the 100-104 age group.

He states, “I gave it up at the beginning of the war [World War Two], and I don’t think I had a swim of any description until I retired.”

“I’d be surprised if I can’t break the minute. I’m aiming to swim 58 (seconds),” Corones said. Well, he well and truly smashed it, and would probably lap most of us, let’s face it.

Masters swimmers compete in the age bracket that corresponds with their birthday that year with Corones set to turn 100.

“I’m not a young man by any means, but I am really looking forward to it and confident I can do very well,” he said.His philosophy is you’ve got to keep moving.

“It would be wrong to stop now,” Mr Corones said.

Back in 1938 he was a part of the Empire Games in Sydney as a 19-year-old and now 80-years later he’s still making the cut as a truly inspirational addition to the Australia team.

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