Kim Kardashian Teams With Donald Trump To Free Alice Mary Johnson

Starlet asked for pardon for Alice Marie Johnson, 63, who was convicted of smuggling cocaine and for more than two decades in jail.

US President Donald Trump was pardoned today by Alice Marie Johnson, a prisoner serving life imprisonment for drug trafficking.

Johnson – a single mother struggling to provide for her five children –ย acted as a go-between and relayed messages to drug dealers, but claims she never sold narcotics during her involvement with a group who sold cocaine to Tennessee.

Johnson wrote: ‘Dear Ms. Kardashian, I am so humbled by what you are doing and have already done on my behalf.’ย ‘When I spoke with Attorney Shawn Holley and she disclosed the name of my benefactor, I had to take time to process and digest the news that you were the one she had been alluding to.

There are no words to strong enough to express my deep and heartfelt gratitude.

Ms. Kardashian you are literally helping to save my life and restore me to my family. I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope that this Life Jacket Iโ€™m serving may one day be taken off.

Television star Kim Kardashian asked for pardon for Alice Marie Johnson (63) at the end of May, who was sentenced to eight counts of charges of smuggling cocaine and spent more than two decades in jail.

The White House announced that Alice Marie Johnson had accepted responsibility for her behavior in the past, adding that this woman had been “a prisoner for the case” over the past 20 years. Rival Star Kim Kardashian wrote on Twitter that pirating news is the best news she could get

This is the latest in a series of Trump’s pardons, and the causes are the advocacy of conservatives, celebrities or former participants in his rivalry, AP reports.

Previously, Trump was demanding more severe penalties.

One of Johnson’s lawyers said former US President Barack Obama refused a request to pardon Alice Marie Johnson, but the reasons are not known.

On March 11, the Trump demanded stricter penalties for drug traffickers, including possible death sentences. The US president said that countries like Singapore have less drug addictions because they harden the dealers more severely.

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