The richest man in the world WARNING: We must leave the Earth or we will not survive

The director and owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, predicts that in the future people will live on Earth, but that all heavy industry will be moved to space.

“People need to colonize the universe, not only to be able to expand, but also to have a place where you can smother the environment-polluting industry,” says Bezos.

The settlement and colonization of the Moon are essential for the survival of the human race, he said, and said he was ready to launch his Blu-ray rocket with the launch of this natural satellite and for subsequent settlement.

Bezos believes that the Earth will be reorganized so that people will only live on it, while heavy industry will be removed.

The US billionaire is convinced that lunar settlements are not a matter of choice, but are necessary, according to scientific portals.

If people do not expand into space, communities on Earth will have to stop growing due to environmental and other factors, said Bezos.

– We’ll have to leave this planet. We’ll go and it will make this planet better. We come and go, and people who want to stay will stay, “he said.

All heavy industry needs to leave Earth and be deployed in space using solar power, Bezos said.

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