Bikers for Trump: He’s Going to be the Best President we Ever Had

Thank you to Chris Cox and Bikers for Trump – Your support has been amazing. I will never forget. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Over the course of a long campaign, Trump has welcomed the bikers’ embrace — and offered his in return.
“Do we love the bikers? Yes,” he said during a speech at the Rolling Thunder motorcycle run in Washington, D.C., on Memorial Day weekend. His pledges to “knock the hell out of ISIS” abroad and champion the military back home appealed mightily to a cohort dominated by veterans and retired law enforcement officers.

Bikers in attendance seemed to see a kindred spirit in Trump, whose campaign has been marked by his tough-talking, brusque manner.

“I like Donald Trump. He’s going to be the best president we ever had.

“He speaks what’s on his mind and means what he says,” a 43-year-old contractor from Tennessee told the New York Times. “And that’s what a biker does. That’s the way we are: We say what we think. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, go the other way.”

Founder of the group, Chris Cox claims Bikers for Trump are “a force to be dealt with”, but insists they are “not vigilantes” like many people would believe.

Cox says as many as seven in 10 of his “Bikers for Trump” have a military background. Their experience in combat, he suggests, could serve them well if the lid comes off the host city’s tinderbox.

“Our first line of defense will be dialogue and diplomacy,” he said on the eve of the convention. “And if that doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. Most bikers I know would rather have their ass kicked than their feelings hurt.”

But for other pro-Trump bikers in the region, the convention scene feels like a set-up. Cleveland-area biker Tommy Norton, who rode with the hardcore “Outlaws” during the 1970s, said he’ll steer clear of the city, accusing federal agents of “looking for scapegoats to blame s— on if something goes wrong.”

“Most motorcycle clubs, that lifestyle is based on trust and loyalty,” he said. “A lot of times on Facebook, you’ll see a pack of maybe a thousand motorcycles and it’ll say: We don’t dial 9-1-1, we call family.”

In addition to the rallies, Bikers for Trump recently announced that it will sponsor the Great American Ball, a party at the MGM Casino in National Harbor on Friday night honoring veterans and their charities. Antonio Sabato Jr. will be Master of Ceremonies.

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