Trump Proposed to Award a Fake News Trophy

The president, who often criticizes media criticism for his administration as false news, stressed that the prizes will be awarded for “uncleanness” and “inaccurate coverage”.

– I will announce awards for the most recent and corrupted media for 2017 on Monday at 5.00 pm (local time). They will be rewarded for uncleanness and inaccurate coverage in different categories of media with false news. Listen and watch, Trump on Twitter.

“We need to keep up the competition and see what network plus” CNN “and without” Fox News “is the clearest, most corrupted and most of all overturns the political coverage of your favorite president. Site is bad. The winner will receive a trophy for fake news, “Trump said on Twitter.

Since coming to the position of the president of the United States, Trump constantly regrets the way in which the media portray him, and especially criticizes “CNN” and “NBS”.

The President of the United States again criticized CNN, covering the perfidious attack, but the reportage is filled with untruths.
“CNN false news, yesterday made a perfidious and deliberate mistake. They got caught up in the act, like the seventh Bryan Ros on the NBC (he should have been fired immediately because of his mistake, “Trump wrote on his Twitter profile.

CNN announces that Trump and his son Donald Junior are involved in hacking documents of the Democratic Party and had access to the public before they were publicly announced on Wikileaks, but it turned out that a mistake was made because, as claimed by The house, they got access to these documents one day since they were published on Wikileaks.

Among others, in a series of tweets, Trump accuses the employees in the news network that they are incompetent and that, unlike the slogan, the media that are most trusted to them should be exactly the opposite, that is, the least should be believed in CNN.


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