Ted Cruz : law enforcement to ‘patrol and secure’ Muslim neighborhoods

After the 9/11 attacks, various United States law enforcement and intelligence agencies increased their monitoring and surveillance of American Muslims.

Despite the narrow support for proactive patrolling of Muslim areas, a significant majority of Americans (63% to 24%) say that it is better to work with Muslim communities to identify potential terrorists than it is to rely on putting these communities under intense surveillance.

Even most Republicans (52%) prefer cooperation to surveillance.

The present study provides evidence that American Muslim’s experiences with government surveillance are accompanied by increases in anxiety over future surveillance, avoidance discussing topics that may increase the possibility of surveillance, and avoidance of certain settings over concern it would lead to being reported to intelligence agencies.

 Ted Cruz made headlines this week by stating,

“We need to empower law enforcement to patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized“.

Ted Cruz called for increased surveillance of Muslims in the U.S., many people in this community and others like it either challenged the Republican presidential candidate or dismissed his comments as mostly meaningless rhetoric.

He said law enforcement should be empowered to “patrol and secure Muslim neighborhoods before they become radicalized.” Echoing earlier statements from Trump, Cruz also said the U.S. should stop the flow of refugees from countries where the Islamic State has a significant presence.

Sam Chashku, a Syrian immigrant who arrived in 1996 and married an American-born Christian woman, said Cruz’s comments simply made him sad.

“We love this country. We came from nothing. They gave us everything. It’s crazy. This country is built on immigrants.”

Trump, who has proposed a temporary ban on foreign Muslims entering the U.S., said in a CNN interview that he supported Cruz’s plan.


  1. When the Muslims came to USA, it was supposed to be because THEY were Christian and being killed. Obama allowed the UN to pick the Refugees and they were NOT vetted. Only 2 % were Christian. In East coast area. IL, Ohio, Michigan an ??. The Muslims wanted their laws and Muslims took over small towns. Took over government and Obama allowed them. San Diego public school system allowed Muslims prayers and Bible. Christian kids couldn’t wear a cross because it offended the Muslims. They demanded food by Muslims law. Obama allowed this. Open borders, we have no idea WHO is in our country. God BLESS Ted Cruz. He is working well with TRUMP.

  2. It makes me sad even one damn muslim lives in this cou try. Not wanted, not needed. No muslim has ever done a thing to make the cou try great. They have invaded and demanded. Off with all of them.

  3. Well had we had MORE surveillance then maybe the Somali Childcare in Minnesota wouldn’t have bilked the state taxpayers out of 100 million bucks and then fly it out with a City Council woman when she took a trip to Somali….she is now in federal jail, but taxpayers are still out 100 million bucks. And many of the parents who used the fake child care (Muslims) were in on the scam.
    So I have no sympathy whatsoever.

  4. Look at UK and Germany they stand and tell the government and people that they don’t have to obey the law of the country that the country has to obey their laws.

  5. It’s about time that our government takes seriously the fact that Islam is a Totalitarian Doctrine that conflicts with our Constitution. They infiltrate our government and the process of demanding Sharia Law begins. PoliticalIslam.com describes a way to vet those who follow Islam, a wide choice given their 1400 year history of taking over country after country and killing Kafirs, unbelievers. They need to stay in Muslim majority countries.This is a time to educate ourselves about truth.

  6. When we speak of US as an immigrant nation we are wrong. In 1776 we became a sovereign nation that allowed immigration to build upon. All immigrants had to accept our rule of Constitutional Law to live here and to later become Citizen of USA. Islam cannot and will not follow any law other than laws endorsed by Quran which does not allow for living any way but Islam and demands followers to aggressively promote Islam to the point of exterminating those who will not follow Islam. You cannot qualify as a citizen of The United States of America and follow any part of Islam.

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