For their part, Warren officials say they expect GOP-aligned outside groups to be involved in the race. They say that more than 16,000 state residents have donated to Warren’s campaign, and they point out the senator has requested that Republican candidates sign another so-called “People’s Pledge.”

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, a conservative talk radio host, also is considering running – though how serious, or viable, he is remains unclear. A Suffolk University poll last October found Warren leading Schilling by 58-24 percent.

Presuming challengers emerge, an off-year election could be more difficult for Warren, said Donald Brand, a political science professor at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester.

“Off-year elections are more of a challenge for Democrats nationwide,” Brand said.

He said he’s not betting against the incumbent, and expects out-of-state money to come to her aid. “Schilling is an iconic sports hero, comparable to Tom Brady, but he would have to be a lot more disciplined to run a viable campaign,” Brand said. “I would anticipate that the Democratic elite nationally would rally to her if it’s a tight race.”

Popular Republican Gov. Charlie Baker also is up for re-election next year. So, could a flood of Democratic money in the state for the Warren race actually hurt what could otherwise be an easy race for Baker?

Gabriel Gomez, who is allegedly considering a keep running for Warren’s seat one year from now, as indicated by the Cohasset Mariner.Gomez, a previous Navy pilot turned SEAL, ran unsuccessfully in a unique decision in 2013 for the Senate situate cleared by then-Sen. John Kerry.

“It’s truly ensuring we have a perfectly clear methodology in the event that we choose to go, in light of the fact that I do think whoever chooses to go up against this test there is a way to triumph against Miss Warren,” expressed Gomez.

“The stray pieces is that there’s a reasonable qualification on who is extremely arranged to serve the state in the limit of the senatorship, and that is the extent that I’ll go on that,” he included, declining to give additionally subtle elements.


  1. Elizabeth Warren is nothing but a liar and has gone way left with her political views. Get rid of sanctuary cities and crush the MS-13 gang.

  2. So tired of all the compulsive,pathological liars. Warren is just one of many. Get rid of these self-serving people.

      • Please tell me exactly how your implying he’s a chronic liar when he is keeping all of his campaign promises? Any examples ?

      • The presidents is very tired of you….as am I. We put up with your shit for brains president for 8 years…its your turn to do the same. If you don’t like it, you always have the option to stop breathing…if you try to remove him, we will be glad to help you that option 😉

  3. There is no way Pocahontas could retain her seat…except she publicly has a test to prove she is really of native American heritage. Politicians have survived despite even major crimes…notably the Clintons…but going on a campaign based on the perpetration of a lie is something else.

  4. A vote for Warren is the same as a vote for the Clinton Obama Crime Families. Socialist by actions and so far above the law. Anyone who keeps supporting that bunch in DC is un-American to the core. It is that simple!

  5. The people of America see that the so called Democratic party is nothing but the new socialist left party and, Warren is part of the agenda to under mine the people of this country. Politicians first responsibility is for the American people, and not for illegals, sanctuary cities, lottery program, fix the DACA law, stop supporting those who take the hard earn money from working people, and stop obstructionist of every thing our President is trying to do for this country. the death troll is ringing for the socialist and their dysfunctional followers.

  6. You have to watch it! Democrats present a united, forceful front to see that democrats, any democrats even Satan, are elected. Republicans don’t do that. They won’t donate to republicans. They’ll stay home and pout. We’ll have Liawatha for 6 more years. (Unless she runs for President in 2020 and wins)

  7. I do not live in or vote for Miss Warren, who claims to be 50%indian. But my thought is that who ever could vote for her. She just acts like an air head(Nothing but air inside the skull). It is a surprise to us here in Ohio that she evergot into office once. We are hoping anyone with as brain can beat her.

  8. Take your feathers out of your arse and take off! You are a horrific liar with the most grating voice and presentation.

  9. Poke ee haunts us, the lying bitch, I hope the people realize that she does more harm than good. I pray that they don’t want to be represented by a liar. If the bitch says she has Indian blood running through her veins, knowing that she is lying, what will she do if she is elected?

  10. Somebody needs to step up and I mean fast, no bs’ing around and get that bitch out of office. She has been proven to be a fraud against the people and lined her pockets by creating a little known branch of Government that was taxpayer funded to help people understand their mortgage language, which turned out to be a way for her and 11 of her best friends to draw extra paychecks from US and turned out to be a fraud office and was shut down by Trey Gowdy. She called the American Public ” Dumb as toasters” and that is why she created this fraudulent advisory board on Mortgage laws. A complete Leach in our system. Somebody their Needs to step up and quit playing around. It only takes one Republican, or a Patriot of some sort. Hurry. Time is running out.

  11. Both parties R compleatly corrupt now> Voted 4 Trump cuz his true colors R INDEPENDENT but same can be said about Sen.Elizabeth Warren> After I lost 75% of my retirement due to Bush SEC sellout of stk mkt (removal of 1937 Uptick Rule 7/7/07) where his “Have More” (his words) wall street cronies SHORTed stk mkt into the ditch> FACTS PPL She’s saved US over $17,000 in interest pay’ts by renegotiating loans & cr.cds we used to survive the Bush debacle> What else I dunno’

  12. She said that women should be raped by Muslims to teach them patience. Absolutely crazy! That statement alone is the major thing you need to know about Fake A Huntas! Who most likely told a Lie to get into the College and Law School Of her choice by pretending to be Native American.. She most likely got Thousands of Dollars paid for her college and Law School expenses with monies reserved by the Government for our Native Americans! The Native Americans say that her Grandfather was one of the ones that drove them to the Reservations in the Trail of Tears! Should have to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars that was paid by Government for her College and Law school that had been set aside for our Native Americans! Drain the Swamp!

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