Zuckerberg hit with four lawsuits in one week over Cambridge Analytica scandal

European Parliament President Antonio Tajani sent him an official letter to Mark Zuckerberg calling him to testify for the Cambridge Analytics scandal.

It is another public invitation to the owner of the social network Facebook to come to Brussels to testify to European citizens.

The Tajani for the first time sent him a letter to Zuckerberg on March 20th, but he suggested that he be sent off by his deputy-president for foreign affairs, Joel Kaplan.

-Your political group emphasizes that your personal presence is absolutely necessary, Tajani writes to Zuckerberg.

The EP’s explanation is that Facebook whose international headquarters are registered in Dublin, Ireland and as such subject to European laws.

– The Facebook must co-operate and be accountable to the European Parliament, which is the regulator of European legislation, reminds the Tajani, adding that Mr. Zuckerberg has the responsibility to personally give explanations to the citizens of the EU as elected by the Congress.

According to the MIA correspondent in Brussels, the Parliament’s President believes that the prevention of future abuse of personal data of European citizens should be assessed in the context of the ongoing consolidation of the new EU data protection legislation, recognized as GDPR.

The European Commission, the EU executive body, also sent letters asking for explanations from Facebook’s management, but did not require testimony. Facebook responded that it was ready to cooperate.

Over 2 million European citizens are concerned about the abuse of personal data by Cambridge Analytics through Facebook. Zuckerberg has already testified before American mates.

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