Trump Moves To Ban Most Transgender People From The Military

Members of the military who might need substantial medical treatment “pose a significant risk to military efficiency and murder,” the White House said.

US President Donald Trump has issued a ban that most transgender people can not serve the army, except in “certain circumstances,” but it is not stated by which.

The White House said that members of the troop which might require substantial medical treatment “pose a significant risk to military efficiency and murder,” AP reported.

Trump surprised Twitter over Pentecost when he announced last year that he would change the plan from Barack Obama’s time to allow declared transgender people to serve the army.

The move by the US president has been challenged by several legal instances, and four federal courts have ruled against such a ban.

The California prosecutor said that that state would continue the legal fight against this ban, which it considers discriminatory.

The requirements make it challenging for a transgender recruit to pass. But they mirror conditions laid out by President Barack Obama’s administration in 2016, when the Pentagon initially lifted its ban on transgender troops serving openly in the military.

The policy allowing transgender troops to serve openly does not grant any special exceptions. Transgender service members are held to the exact same rigorous standards as every other service member. They simply are no longer arbitrarily barred from service because of their gender identity.

Polling shows that the majority of Americans in every state and the District of Columbia oppose the Trump-Pence discriminatory ban and support transgender people serving openly in the military.

It’s unclear how many transgender individuals currently serve in the US military. A Rand Corp study estimates there are 2,500 transgender personnel serving in active duty, and 1,500 in the reserves. The study suggests there are roughly only 30 to 130 active-duty troops seeking transition-related health care each year.


  1. Our military needs soldiers in the field who are capable of meeting the physical standards required for wartime. This means no one who has medical needs that require special treatment before going to fight.

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