NFL Athletes Who Don’t Stand for the National Anthem

A large number of players boycotted the US anthem in various ways.

Everything started at Baltimore and Jacksonville in London, players greeted the anthem on their knees, supported by coaches and owner of Jaguars Shahid Khan.

Tramp recently stated that owners of NFL clubs should release players who boycott the anthem, but this time it came to a completely opposite case.

“This has nothing to do with race,” Trump said. “This has to do with respect for our country.”

“And when you get on your knee and you don’t respect the American flag or the anthem.”

“Would not you like to see one of these bosses of the NFL clubs shouting,” Get this son of a bitch out of the field right away, when they start kneeling?

Would not you like to hear from your boss then say “Give it to him,” he yelled a few days ago in the Alabama Trump, after which the mass began to call “USA, USA”.

Reagan Player Terrell Suggs said sent a message to the president.

“Personally, his comments sent to my brothers are enough to make us feel uncomfortable. We have the right to protest with our brothers, the non-violent protest is something that is American.

There is no separation, I assume that we are all sons of the bitch,” Sags was ironic.

A similar thing happened at Seattle Sighox – Tennessee Tytyans, many teams did not even go out on the pitch as the hymn was intonating, most kneeling, and Trump’s support was on the other hand provided by the owner of New England Robert Kraft.

“I am deeply disappointed with the comments on the president’s behalf. I am proud to work with many players who have a positive influence on society and a broader message,” Kraft said.

Not even the roses of Trump blossom when the NBA league is in question, is in conflict with the Golden State who will not be housed in the White House, and even Lebron James has fired upon him.

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