Trump: Sending Military To Guard Mexican Border

President Donald Trump said he would send US military forces to protect the southern border with Mexico until a border is built up and the necessary security is established.

The Mexican government has offered refugee status to qualified members of caravan of migrants from Central American countries, and the ministry said that, according to the provisions of the law, 400 members of the caravan were sent back to their country.

The tram was tweeted that the caravan had to be stopped, threatening to abolish foreign aid to Central American countries, and directly threatening the Mexican-US Free Trade Agreement.

“The Mexican border is very unprotected by our laws,” he said. “We have horrible, horrible and very unsafe laws in the United States, and we’re going to be able to do something about that, hopefully soon.

We are preparing for the military to secure our border between Mexico and the United States. We have a meeting on it in a little while with Gen. Mattis and everybody. And I think that it’s something we have to do.”

Texas has also deployed military forces to its 800-mile border with Mexico in recent years.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, now serving as Trump’s energy secretary, sent 1,000 Texas National Guardsmen to the Rio Grande Valley in 2014 in response to a sharp increase in Central American children crossing the border alone.

The Mexican Ministry of Internal Affairs and Foreign Affairs has argued that caravans, which are mostly made by the citizens of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador since 2010, are trying to point out such rights to the rights of migrants, especially those who were forced to leave their homes and seek protection elsewhere.

A caravan of about 1,100 people was organized within the framework of the “People Without Borders” initiative, whose members characterized the asylum process in the US and Mexico as punitive and unjust.

Last year, two caravans arrived to America.

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