Trump: Russia, Assad and Iran are responsible for the atrocities, and they will pay a HUGE PRICE

Trump promised a quick response to the “rampage” with chemical weapons in Duma, eastern Guta.

Trump said that there were all options on the table.

As he said, the decision will be made in the next 24 to 48 hours after determining who is responsible for the attack – Russia, Syria, Iran or “all together”.

“It’s humanity, and it should not be allowed to happen,” he said.

Syrian opposition activists say 40 people were killed in a chemical attack on Duma near Damascus on Saturday evening and blamed an attack on the Syrian government, a close ally of Russia.

The US is still investigating the possible involvement of the governments of Iran and Russia in a Saturday attack, said Trump.

“Whether it is Russia, whether Syria, whether Iran, whether they are all together, we will discover,” the US president said.

He said that everyone would “pay” for chemical weapons attack, including Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Everyone will pay, and he (Putin) will, everyone will,” added Trump.

Trump said “the area that has been imposing atrocities has been blocked by the Syria army, and the outside world is completely inaccessible. Russia, Assad and Iran are responsible for the atrocities, and they will pay a huge price. “

Syrian state media denied claims that government forces had launched a chemical attack and said rebels in Douma were in a state of collapse and spreading false news, describing it as “chemical attack fabrications”.

The US president today has several meetings on Syria with security advisers, including a White House conference with US military commanders around the world.

2 thoughts on “Trump: Russia, Assad and Iran are responsible for the atrocities, and they will pay a HUGE PRICE

  • April 11, 2018 at 7:38 AM

    I hope the right decision is reached on who is truly responsible. I have be become very suspicous of much that is televised .. after watching footage of people in Syria staging the deaths of civilians .. one little girl shown in several incidents , dead .. after the intended bombing of a bus people rushing in to play the bleeding and the dead and yet another with all these “dead “bodies covered over and one of them has to sneeze and sits up with other “dead” Syrians laughing much manipulation of serious events that can lead to falsely attacking an innocent country .. many would love to see the end of Assad especially Muslim countries and the end of Israel not to mention Russia globalist would like to see PTrump gone as well as former mentioned who are opposed to world globalism .. .. ..

  • May 21, 2018 at 12:40 AM

    I hope Trump is going to be able to get people back in row.
    We need to make a great effort to overcome this turnaround.
    It was truly in the last moments of hope that he came to be a president.
    Let us all keep the eyes on the ball anyway!


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