Russian Moms Are Coming To The US To Give Birth

In trying to explain his recent remarks on so-called “anchor babies,” former Gov. Jeb Bush said he was actually speaking about organized efforts to bring pregnant women into the United States, on legal visas, so they could give birth.

The main attraction: When children born in the United States turn 21, they can sponsor their parents to become legal U.S. residents so the family can emigrate to America.

They admire America’s clean air and food safety. And it’s a nation that respects human rights.

Miami is the most popular destination for Russian birth tourists due to its year-round good weather, warm ocean current and range of reputable hospitals with lower prices than New York and California, according to Muzyka.

“I’m here to give my kids better options,” said Tracy, who asked to be referred to by her first name because she has read stories about U.S. officials cracking down on mothers who come to America to give birth.

In 2015, the State Department issued 2.27 million visas to Chinese tourists. It does not track what proportion of visas are issued to birth tourists.

Childbirth is a legitimate reason to travel to the U.S., and as long as Chinese nationals provide the correct paperwork and evidence they can pay for their medical care, they will be issued a visa, department officials said.

Birth tourism is simple: have a child in a country that provides benefits to all children born there and gives your child the passport you could never have. In many cases, parents of such children enjoy a faster naturalization timeline, as well.

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