Train with a North Korean delegation arrived in Beijing?

The Japanese media reported today that, under strong security measures,a special North Korean train arrived to Beijing, suggesting that a delegation of high officials of Pyongyang may be in place, AP reports.
A spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said she was not informed of the situation and that there were no more comments, and the state media of North Korea did not report anything about the travel of the delegation to China.

Japan’s NTV television and NHK’s public service reported that the train had arrived and that the strong security in Beijing hinted that it was a high-ranking official in it.

These reports have sparked speculation that the train might be North Koreanleader Kim Jong Un.
The Bloomberg agency, referring to three unnamed sources familiar with the visit, has previously reported that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un suddenly arrived in China.

According to him, it is believed that this is the first trip to the North Korean leader since taking office in 2011.

It is expected, AP writes, that Kim will meet with South Korean President Ms Jae-in at a summit in late April, as well as with US President Donald Trump until May.

On the other hand, as the agency states, Kim was not planning a summit
in Beijing.

China is one of North Korea’s most important allies, but relations between the two countries have been cooled down by the development of Pyongyang’s long-range nuclear weapons and rockets.

NTV reported that the green-yellow train was very similar to that of former Kim Korean leader Kim Jong Il, late father Kim Jong-un, arrived in Beijing in 2011.

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