State Department: Russian nuclear weapons create instability

The US State Department has accused Russia of developing nuclear weapons that violate compromise obligations and create instability.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said that the speech of Russian President Vladimir Putin showed that Russia violated its nuclear weapons commitments, and criticized it for an animated video clip that was released in the background during his speech, saying that it seems an attack on USA.

  “I am really sorry to have seen an animated video clip showing a nuclear attack on the United States,” said a spokeswoman. “We do not consider such behavior responsible.”

Putin said yesterday in addressing the nation that Russia has tested a whole series of new strategic nuclear weapons that the opposing party is unable to intercept.

  He also mentioned a high-speed underwater dron, which has an intercontinental range, a new “Avangard” hyper-type intercontinental rocket that flies 20 times faster than sound and “a meteor strike,” another rocket dubbed “Satan” and a “Kinzal” rocket system.

The Russian leader stressed that the development of Russian new weapons, which is not in the West, followed in response to the withdrawal of the US from the Cold War Agreement on the prohibition of missile defense and US efforts to develop a missile defense system.

It is alleged that Putin said that the US ignored Russia’s complaints.

  “No one has listened to us, now hear us,” the Russian president said.

Putin is said to have said that new weapons will help to ensure global stability
and put a stop to attempts to weaken Russia.

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