Joe Biden: America is fighting for the soul of the nation

Former US Vice President Joe Biden said America is in the fight for the “soul of the nation”.

He spoke a few hours after receiving the American Maritime Academy Award in Maryland on behalf of Republican senator John McCain who struggles with the same aggressive brain cancer that Biden’s son died in the year 2015.

– He is my very close friend and political opponent … he asked me to go to Anapolis and speak in his name-Biden said.

Biden said it would be time to show whether he would run for president USA 2020. year

However, Biden, who exchanged with US President Donald Trump harsh words, said that the US can not afford it for eight years now republican administration.

– We are in the struggle for the soul of this nation – said the former US vice president.

Donald Tramp sharply responded to Joe Biden’s statement on Thursday, March 22 to “beat the God in him”, quoting on Twitter that Biden is trying to acts as a “dangerous guy”, but that he is actually mentally and physically weak.

His reaction followed Biden at a rally against sexual assault attacks in Florida quoted Tramp problematic comments on women from 2005.

 “If we were in high school I would take him behind and i would beat him”, said Biden.

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