CNN producer, caught on camera: Russia-Trump ‘mostly bulls—’

CNN’s producer John Bonifield was shot by a secret camera, calling speculations about alleged links between Donald Trump and Russia as “ordinary garbage”.Bonifield confesses to the secret recording that the anti-virus reporting of CNN is conditioned solely by ratings.


“It’s mostly garbage. We do not have any great evidence, “Bonifield said in a video released by Conservative activist James O’Chiff on the Prodigt Veritas website.

The video was made while Bonifield talked with an unknown journalist who was wondering why CNN is being heard “Russia this, Russia what” …? “.

“Because of the rating,” Bonifield said. “Our CIA is constantly making some mistakes, and we are manipulating governments. I think the president is probably right when he says it’s a witch hunt, “Bonifield admitted.

It turned out that the strategy paid off. Our ratings are now incredibly high, “Bonifield said.

How far away is this strategy, reveals Bonifield’s testimony that the head of this house told reporters that they stopped watching climate agreements and returned to Russia.

Three CNN journalists fired over a scandal wave with an article on alleged links between Donald Trump headquarters and his associate Anthony Scaramarui with the Russian RFPI fund, CNN said.

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