Trump congratulated Putin victory, talked about a possible meeting

US President Donald Trump called on Vladimir Putin by telephone to congratulate him on the re-election to the president of Russia in a vote ending on Sunday, the Kremlin announced today. The Kremlin’s announcement added that “special attention was paid to the issue of holding a possible meeting at the highest level”.

As announced, Putin and Trump discussed the need to “coordinate efforts” to limit the arms race and closer cooperation on “strategic stability” and in countering terrorism.

They also expressed satisfaction over the sagging tensions with North Korea, the Kremlin said, and they also discussed the crisis in Ukraine and the seven-year war in Syria.

Trump said in a statement from his office in the White House that he had “a very good conversation” with Putin today when he was invited to congratulate him on re-election for the president of Russia, AP reported shortly after the Kremlin’s announcement on a telephone conversation between the two leaders.

Trump said he wants to meet with Putin “in a not so distant future” to talk to him about the “arms race” between Russia and the United States. The US president also said he wants to talk with Russia about Ukraine, North Korea and Syria.

According to the AP agency, Russia has repeatedly expressed hope to improve relations with the United States, while Trump is heading the country. Relationships, however, are still strained over allegations of Russian interference in the US presidential election in 2016 and an investigation into possible Trump’s election staff and Russia’s conspiracy.

Before the Trump-Putin telephone conversation, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, referring to the fact that Trump had not congratulated Putin’s re-election by then, said that this was “not a hostile move” and that Putin was “open to normalizing relations” with the United States.

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