US and European countries intend to expel Russian diplomats

The European Union withdrew its ambassador from Moscow and intensely talks with him about relations with Russia after poisoning the former Russian spy.

US President Donald Trump is considering the expulsion of some Russian diplomats from the United States in solidarity with the United Kingdom in connection with a case of poisoning a former Russian double spy in England, according to unnamed sources.

The final decision could also depend on how the European capitals will respond to the attack by a nerve virus, the source said, according to Reuters.

The decision could be announced already on Monday.

EU members have previously agreed to take further criminal measures against Russia for the attack on former Russian Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia, who have been in critical condition since they were found unconscious on the Salisbury bench on March 4th.

The United States has joined Britain in blaming Moscow for this attack, but Russia rejects any responsibility.

And the EU is preparing measures against Russia
In the meantime, the EU ambassador to Russia, previously called for consultations in Brussels as a reaction to the poisoning of a former Russian spy, was talking to the head of European diplomacy, Federica Mogherini said.

The consultations with Ambassador Markus Ederer “will continue in the coming days,” the statement added.

At the same time, several Union members announced the taking of measures against Russia, such as the expulsion of diplomats, as a reaction to this poisoning committed by a powerful nerve poison known as Novice.

The European Union, meanwhile, has supported Great Britain, which is suspecting Russia of poisoning a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil, and announced the recall of her ambassador.

EU: ‘Russia Very Responsible’
According to the position of European leaders, Russia is “very likely” responsible for the onset of a nerve in the UK. They consider that there is no “other probable explanation” except that Russia is responsible for the attack.

The official Moscow expressed regret over such reactions and decisions of the Union.

“We are certainly sorry. Russia is absolutely and unequivocally not connected to the case of” Screaming “, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

Britain has already expelled Russian diplomats, and other European countries are also preparing to do so. The Croatian state summit on Monday will discuss how to set up for Moscow.

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