Tyga denies that he is the father of Kylie Jenner’s daughter

Many were surprised by the fact that Kylie Jenner remained in a second state immediately after the break with Tyga, causing him to spread the gossip that he was actually the father of her daughter Stormi, who she received with Travis Scott.

The American tabloids wrote in the past weeks that Tyga asked for a paternity test, to determine if he was actually a father.

This was the reason for the rapper to publicly announce his opinion on the situation in which he is involved.

“I never said a word about another child or family, nor insinuated that I was involved in a story – I will never do it,” he wrote on Twitter, adding, “Please stop spreading fake stories and family attacks .

I have nothing to do with it. Let people live in peace, “explained Tyga.

For the sake of this, Kylie and Tyga have been in contact since 2014, when he was at the birthday party of young Jenner. Interestingly, the rapper then denies that she is in touch with her, and that she is a family friend with the Kardashians and that everyone is only friends.

Shortly afterwards, the link was confirmed in his Stimulated video, and lasted until April 2017, after which Kylie came into contact with Travis Scott.

The first rumors that pregnancy arose in September last year, when she disappeared from the public until February 4, when she announced that she had become a mother.

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