Julian Assange Has Lost His Internet Access!

The Ecuador Embassy in London, where Assange hides since June 2012, disallowed the owner of Wikileaks (WikiLeaks) access to the Internet.

The Internet has been “cut off” because, as a result, it did not comply with an Ecuadorian embassy agreement since the end of last year, according to which it was obliged not to broadcast information that could be listed in the relations of Ecuador and other countries.

This is not the first time that Assange has been denied access to the Internet. Two years ago, ecuadorian embassy officials “punished him” in the same way for allegedly mixing in the US presidential election.

The main man of Wikileaks, through whom tens of thousands of documents are uncomfortable for many governments in the world, including the discovery that the NSA eavesdropped with German Assange, has good reasons to fear the anger of the US services.

Chancellor Angela Merkel fears the US extradition and the publication of documents on the war in Iraq.

That is why he had asked for asylum more than five years ago from Ecuador and since then he has been living in twenty square meters of a converted office in the Embassy of that country in London.

Assange maintains a connection with the world’s phone and his computer, and delivers food from a nearby pub.

At the end of May 2017, Sweden suspended the proceedings against Assange, but he was threatened with arrest as soon as he stepped on the British territory, that is, just over the embassy’s threshold.

The British police explained this by claiming that this Australian “broke the terms of parole”.

No sunlight

His life is reduced to one computer and one running tape, and the only one is his cat. The most important part of the furniture is considered a lamp, which creates the impression of daylight. The Embassy does not have a garden, the shower and the bathroom are only temporarily decided to use them.

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  • April 29, 2018 at 7:42 PM

    It’s time for the US to bring him over here & prove right away that the DNC emails came out as a rely of Seth Rich’s work!


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