Bolton: I will not start any war

“I promised President Trump that I would not start any war,” said John Bolton, the new US National Security Adviser to the US President, shortly after being named Donald Tramp.

Bolton, 69-year-old conservative politician, was among the main advocates of the US invasion of Iraq 15 years ago, and is known for ruthless threats to North Korea and Iran.

Bolton’s move into the Pennsylvania Avenue building near the White House caused Washington’s fierce controversy over the supporters and opponents of President Trump, and fake comments in Tehran, Pyongyang, Moscow, and Beijing. “We should be very, very scared,” wrote the editor of the old and respectable Hong Kong diary “South China Morning Messenger.”

President Tramp acquires Bolton as advisor and new Secretary of State, Michael Pompey, two main opponents of the six-forces agreement with Iran on the nuclear program of the Islamic Republic. This threatens further intensification of relations with the already chaotic Middle East.

Bolton will undoubtedly be very tough about North Korea’s denuclearization, which he had previously advocated a change of regime. It is assumed that it will also work to limit the growing diplomatic, economic and military power of the People’s Republic of China in Asia, especially in the waters of the South China Sea, and will very much insist on the issue of the secluded Chinese province of Taiwan. “Connecting the Belts,” commented Boni Glaser from the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, and he was a conservative.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China has been told that, regardless of who occupies the position in the US administration, the importance of the two countries’ relations is unquestionable and will remain so. The two countries need to strengthen co-operation, respect each other and achieve common interests for mutual benefit, which also fulfills the interests of the international community, was announced on Friday in Beijing.

Bolton’s crystal clear views on Taiwan match with Trump. According to them, the policy of “One China” should be changed by strengthening tough military and political ties with the prosperous island that were defeated in the civil war in China in 1949. Analysts expect Bolton to endeavor to prevent the “dangerous breakthroughs” of the People’s Republic of China, the second largest world economy, key economic sectors and teaching, and reinforces support for allies in the Asia Pacific region.

Tensions are already rising in US and NR China relations, as Trump Friday called for Beijing’s trade sanctions to cost $ 60 billion. This provoked the initial counterinsurgency of the government of China and angered the media’s comments in that country. “We can expect an even more hostile approach to China – a trade war may be the beginning of a wider geopolitical competition,” said Abraham Denmark, an official in the administration of President Barack Obama, now a director at Wilson Center in Washington.

Again, observers in Washington who know Bolton well and support his appointment, point out that the US administration is President Thrampe, not his adviser. According to them, Trump did not hire Bolton breaker because he agrees with his attitudes, but the president’s attitudes are carried out by an advisor, which the latter pointed out in the interview to Fox News.

Further observers say Bolton might have liked to question the claims of NR China towards Taiwan, but would not produce a crisis. The US president will, in military matters, listen to a realistic assessment of Defense Secretary James Matisse, possibly the only remaining moderate associate of the Trump, whose policy America First is now on steroids. And how things stand, the United States can do little about Taiwan or the South China Sea, the conclusion of these observers.

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