Choosing the wrong name for the baby: The Little Trump in Afghanistan has caused big troubles

A couple from a small village in Afghanistan called his newborn baby, Donald Trump,

because of the surprising blue hair his son had come to the world, but also with the

desire to be rich as his name, but this decision brought them big trouble.

Namely, their relatives and neighbors were so angry that the father of the child had

broken his tradition and had given his son a non-Muslim name, that Asadulah Poja had

to move with his family to Kabul, and even through the Internet they were even threatens with death.

When his wife gave birth to a third child in August 2016, Poia thought of Donald Tramp

at the same time, for he just read the translation of the book “Tramp: How to Enrich,”

which was published in 2004 by the then star of the program “Shetrt”.

– I thought then: It’s a great man, said Pooja, who without a thought called his son on Trump hoping to bring him luck, but – that did not happen.

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