Trump: Take my advice, don’t run for president

US President Donald Trump believes he would beat prominent Oprah Winfrey in the presidential election, but added that he did not believe she would take part in that race.

Trump today in the White House, during a conversation with members of the Congress on Immigration, said that Oprah is well aware and does not believe in running.

He added that he appeared in one of his latest show programs and that he knows “very well,” the AP reported.

CNN announced yesterday, referring to her two “close friends” that Oprah Winfrey “is actively considering” to run for the presidential election in the US in 2020.

CNN talked with the manager’s friends who asked to remain anonymous so they could “speak openly” after having held the night before, as it was said, “exceptional speech” at the Golden Globe Awards, which aroused the speculation about her candidacy for the president.

According to them, Oprah Winfrey, some of his friends, are privately in the race for the president, and one of CNN’s sources said that the talks have lasted for several months, but added that Winfrey had not yet decided whether to do so.

The speaker held a speech at the Golden Globes, after which speculation emerged that she should be running for the president.

In the meantime, the social network overwhelmed the recording of Tramp’s guest appearance on CNN in 1999, when, on the question of the leader Larry King, who was the vice-president of the United States “dreams”, Trump immediately thought of – Oprah Winfrey.

“Oprah would always be my first choice … It’s a really great woman, someone special … If she ever found herself in that position, she would be fantastic. She’s a popular, brilliant, beautiful woman,” Tramp replied. at that time, he was successfully dealing with real estate.

He also made a comparison between Winfrey and himself, saying that “she was similar to him because they have a lot in common.”

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