The simpsons: Putin U.S. Secretary of state

The popular adult cartoon film again “stabbed in the heart” of Donald Trump in the latest episode in which the US president’s 45th president faces his life’s election again.

The latest episode of the “Simpsons” begins with a group of employees leaving the White House through the doors with the sign “Exit for recently released collaborators,” where Secretary of State

Rex TillersonĀ is reportedly shouting, “You can not shoot a billionaire! You do not even know where North Korea is. “

The following scene shows Melanie Trump’s “armed” punch reader while reading “Fire and Fury” and making notes, while in the second room, Donald dies in bed covered with a pile of newspapers with titles such as “Putin named himself Secretary of State” or “Trump by mistake tweeted the truth. “

It flashes, it has a nightmare, wakes itself, stays in front of the mirror, and takes off the load from its weak shoulders trying to force itself to tell the truth. It begins with “I’m not 100 percent consistent,” and continues to run through the White House, jumping to the table and shouting, “You’re blaming others for everything. You changed the FBI chief just because he is higher than you. ” Recognition of all non-relatives gives him such relief that he decides to stop tattooing and dedicate himself to reading.

  • The animated Trump even calls Vladimir Putin in the middle of the night, demanding from the Russian president to “leave this great country,” then runs to the wall that separates his from Melania’s room and promises her to become “a new man”.

However, sudden confessions seem to have been a nightmare, as Donald Trump returns to his favorite social network and “tweets what is on his mind”: “Alec Baldwin wears a wig.”

Social network users are thrilled with a new episode, with a unanimous rating that is phenomenal.

This is not the first time that the “Simpsons” mock the Trump. In December of last year, they presented Trump as trying to bribe Special Prosecutor Robert Muller who investigated allegedly mixing Russia in the US presidential election in 2016.

In 2000, the episode “Bart in the Future” was broadcast, in which they predicted Donald Trump will become the US President.

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