Twin girls born with different skin colors

Marcia today has white skin, blue eyes and blond hair, like their mother’s whites, while Millie has dark skin, brown eyes and black hair, and is a character on her father, who is from Jamaica.

These girls, who have told their unusual story about “National Geography”, are already aware of what is meant by racism and they meet daily with the question “Are they really twins?”

Their parents say they did not care about the opinions of other people when they got in touch, and that’s what they did when they came to the world.

At birth, there was no big difference between the girls because they had a similar skin color, but after 10 months the skin color began to change.

– The change was first noticed at Millie. Her skin was becoming darker and darker, but that never worried us, we simply accepted it, says Father Michael Bigs.

Wherever they appeared, they attracted the views of people, because it was interesting to people that the girls were different, and often did not believe they were twins.

– Most people think we’re the best friends. When we tell them that we are born one after the other, they are shocked because we have a different skin color – explained Marcia.

When asked what they are different about, girls do not talk about different skin and eye color, but they are talking about a different style of dressing and favorite colors.

Otherwise, non-identical twins are born when two spermatozoa fertilize two different egg cells, making the girls look like each other, just like any other cousins, and not as classic twins.

In mixed marriages, a number of factors affect the appearance of children, such as parent ancestry, complex pigment genetics, and others.

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