Trump: The Embassy will not be relocated to Jerusalem by the end of the year

Netanyahu today, in a statement to Israeli journalists on his way to India, said his “strong estimate that this (moving the embassy) will go much faster than it is thought – within a year.”

US President Donald Trump denied today that the planned transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will take place within a year, although Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has expressed the expectation that the embassy will be moved in that period.

“By the end of the year, we are talking about different scenarios – I obviously think it would be on a temporary basis.” We do not consider that. The answer is no, “Trump said in an interview with Reuters in a commentary on Netanyahu’s statement.

In early December, the Trump made a turn in decades of US policy recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and launching the process of moving the embassies from Tel Aviv, which jeopardized peace efforts in the Middle East and upset the Arab world and Western allies, the agency said.

However, US Secretary of State Rex Tyler said last month that the embassy would be moved “probably only in three years, which is quite ambitious.”

Namely, the time is needed for the US administration’s officials for the logistical process of locating and securing a location, as well as preparing housing for diplomats.

Tramp, which by its decision on the embassy in Israel fulfills its pre-election promise, announced that it would be “a beautiful embassy, but it will not cost $ 1.2 billion”, and, as Reuters quotes, he thinks of the value of the US embassy in London.

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