Trump asked for a Van Gogh. The Guggenheim gave him a gold toilet.

The White House has asked the New York Museum to borrow Van Gogh’s picture of the private premises of US President Donald Trump and his wife Melanie, but instead offered them a pure-gold toilet, a work by an Italian artist, in an openly satirical proposal by the curator of the museum Gugenhajm.

According to the Washington Post newspaper today, the White House asked in an email message to lend Van Gogh”Landscape in the Snow” from 1888.

 Curator Nancy Spector replied that they could not respond to that request, but to offer a 18-carat gold toilet, which works!
It is an “interactive installation” by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan called “America”, described by critics as a satire directed at over-wealth in the United States.

 This “work” was for a year, by mid-September last year, been exhibited in a public toilet on the fifth floor of the Guggenheim Museum, and visitors could use it. His value was estimated at over a million dollars.

 The Spook curator, in an email to which the Washington Post came, wrote that the exhibition was completed in the museum, and the golden toilet was available “if the president and the first lady were interested in installing it in the White House” as ” long-term loan “.

 Nancy Spector is on the social networks of the sharp criticof Trump. In her email she had attached a photograph of a golden toilet bowl.

 – We are sorry that we can not respond to your initial request, but we hope that this special offer might be of interest to you. This “work” is of course extremely valuable and fairly fragile, but we would give all the instructions for its installation and maintenance – she wrote in the e-mail.

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